Le Stelle sono Allineate Cultisti!

We’re ready to reveal all the secrets and models of our campaign, for the glory of the old ones! Here’s the“Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign“; descendants of the lost civilization of k'n-yan looking for the ancient power of the past.

The cult is represented here by six models:

Ludwigh the dark magus of the cult, leader of the cultists, wielding fearful magical powers learned from forbidden and forgotten tomes

Atticus the Reanimator

 Once a doctor devoted to his profession, who has now trespassed the boundaries of common science in the name of the elder gods.

Aradia the blood ritualist,,

Who doesn't even care to hide his face, because the only life he has is the one he lives in the circle, for the glory of his dark masters

the Possessed Cultist

Who is now in communion with the great old ones

And the two Adepts of the Cult,,

Who are not worthy of being named yet.

With them you can celebrate the most obscure rituals and summon the oldest and most forgotten gods and creatures!

During our campaign you’ll be given access to the alien nightmare creatures of lovecraft's literary worlds, with which you can complete rituals in wargames to roleplay sessions!

Brown Jenkins, the witch's familiar will help your every malicious plot in the name of nyarlathotep; for the right price obviously...

Call the hound of tindalos dallo Spazio e dal Tempo per scovare i tuoi nemici ovunque si nascondano: spariranno dall’esistenza in men che non si dica e non ti ricorderai più di loro!

The Star-Spawndescendant of the old one god cthulhu who sleeps in the abyss in forgotten r'lyeh. he needs no introduction, only to be directed toward your enemy.

The spore golem can be a faithful servant: created with alien spores from the planet yuggoth.

The Dark Young will feed on your opponents and everything that comes their way. take care to avoid becoming bewitched by its call, lest ending up on the menu yourself!

And finally, him: the King in Yellow..
Bow before the mysterious avatar of the god hastur, progeny of yog-sothtot, high priest of the dreamlands and dominator of the ruins of what was once the gods’ dwelling; the unknown kadath…

Support From Kadath! Backing this project you will get many wonderful perks

High quality miniatures  cast in resin and sculpted in great detail by our sculptor Dario Biancheri.

Versatility of the miniatures:  tutti i modelli di From Kadath’s si adattano perfettamente a qualunque gioco di ruolo fantasy,scifi o horror, giochi da tavola e wargame.

An ever evolving game experience: From Kadath NON è un progetto  “one and done” e contiamo di espandere costantemente la gamma con nuovi modelli,terrificanti creature lovecraftiane, accessori, segnalini e scenici e molto altro ancora.

Save money!You will save many money on the future price of our miniatures!

A new frontier! By supporting us, you'll give us the chance to bring you many new wargame and boardgame related projects linked to this campaign and already in development

Special thanks to our artistic staff for this fantastic project:

Dario biancheri (sculptures and paintings)

Antonio bello (paintings)

Matteo Didiomede (paintings)

Christian “Daimon” Polizzi (concept arts)

Alfredo “Heropanik” Paniconi (illustrations)

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