From Kadath

Hello to all cultists,
dopo un’attenta riorganizzazione del progetto, Kadath sta tornando! 
We decided to align the project in order to better characterize it, simplify the campaign and fill the gaps left here by some Tindalos Hound! In these months we have reviewed the project, and we have prepared new pieces deciding to start from a simpler base: the first kickstarter will focus on the miniatures and will include a band of cultists (almost new models created specifically for this new project, they will have a fantasy theme but versatile for each age or system in 30mm) and a a group of Lovecraftian creatures. Some of the creatures you have already appreciated in the last project while others are new or retouched basing on your feedback and propitiatory rituals. So what do you say ... the stars are lining and the portal for Kadath is about to open up again, more terrifying and fascinating than before: are you ready to jump in?

qua di seguito potete ammirare le immagini modelli che faranno parte del kickstarter